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mourn with the moon and the stars up above
hi can you um explain why kieren's sister hate him so much

Hello! I’ll try to explain their relationship as good as I can :) 

I don’t know how many episodes you have seen so far, I’ll be explaining from the whole series point of view, so if you haven’t seen all of it then you then there might be some spoilers!

  • So, firstly, when the series beings, you may get an impression that Jem indeed hates Kieren. But why would she? When Kieren is asked who he missed the most, he mentions his little sister - it suggests that they had a strong, close relationship in the past (before Kieren died). Then, when they talk for the first time, we can see that they were very close indeed - Kieren understood Jem the best, he cared for her, they were probably best friends. So why she acts like that?
  • In the beginning of the first episode, we see that Jem doesn’t even want to hear about Kieren, she reacts very aggressively. She wears the HVF uniform - so the first thought is: she’s gonna hate him because he’s a PDS sufferer, a kind she has been fighting with for a long time. When she sees him, she screams: 

                               ”I’m not coming in until… I’m not
                               coming in until that disappears!”

  • Jem visibly refuses to acknowledge that the “rotter”, the thing she hates the most, is her beloved brother. As much as she dreamed of him coming back, she never wanted him in that state! But we can wonder: is it because she hates rotters or she wouldn’t care about Kieren being rotter, but she’s scared of reactions from her HVF friends? Maybe both. But then the script explains the main reason:

Jem looks at Kieren’s plate. She’s torn. She’s starving but that might have been touched by a rotter. No, she can’t do it. 

  • So, we see that Jem simply hates the fact that Kieren is a PDS sufferer, she doesn’t hate Kieren himself - she loves her brother, but she can’t stand the form he lives in now. She firstly tries to convince herself that this is not really her brother, that this is some demon in her brother’s body, but she can’t say no to facts - that this truly is Kieren.
  • But even this doesn’t explain the anger towards Kieren, she doesn’t act normally even after she believes he’s “real”. So why is it? I think there are at least few reasons. Firstly, she’s very, very angry at him for his suicide. He was her best friend before, and suddenly he disappeared, he didn’d even leave a note or say goodbye. As we find out later, when Sue confesses her feelings, the Walkers family was basically ruined after Kieren’s death. It was traumatic for all of them, so we can see how they are happy that he’s back, but at the same time angry because he left them and ruined their lives. It’s not that easy for Jem to forget what she went through when Kieren died, she finds it hard to forgive him.
  • The other reason for Jem’s behavior is because she saw Kieren in the rabid state, she saw him killing her best friend. She can’t forget that image, and even if she doesn’t blame Kieren (he couldn’t help it at that time), she’s angry at herself because she couldn’t kill that monster who just looked like her brother. Now they call her a hero, but she considers herself an exact opposite of it. She feels guilty and I suppose she moves these feeling towards Kieren, because it’s easier to cope with hatred when it’s pointed to someone else than ourselves. So it’s rather like Jem hating herself, not Kieren.
  • Jem is still a part of HVF, she fought rotters for years and it’s not easy for her to get used to having Kieren in that state. On one side she wanted him back, but on the other, he’s a rotter! Again, I’ll help myself with the script:

                  On Jem: conflicted and torn between two worlds. 

  • I think there’s a point when Jem’s attitude changes; it’s the moment when she confesses to Kieren about what happened that night when Lisa died. It’s like a release for her, she said what she feels for the first time, and her brother doesn’t judge her. He’s grateful that she did what she did. 

                Brother and sister look at each other. Both are racked with
                guilt. This is the first time either one has been able to
                admit what they did out loud. Two peas in a guilty pod.

  • So, I think in that moment the broken bound between them is back. That terrible night was what was standing between them, but now they can be over it. Of course, it’s not the end of Jem’s nightmares, she probably suffers from PTSD, that won’t be that easy to overcome. Like, in season two she still can’t stand seeing Kieren without lenses and cover-up mousse, the memories are still too bright, too scary. 
  • But then in the season two finale, she once again is aiming the gun at her rabid brother, but once again she can’t pull the trigger. And even after that, she chooses Kieren over her HVF boyfriend. She sees now what is right, she maybe is on the beginning of a way to overcome the nightmares of the past.
  • So, to sum up, you can see that their relationship is not that simple, the one thing I can say: Jem doesn’t hate Kieren. Her attitude is much more complex than that, and deep inside she always loves her brother.

I could go on and on with this, but this post is already way too long :) I hope it explains the matter at least a bit, if you ever needed any more help let me know :)

I take you in my arms and I run with you in my arms,
                                     I    r u n    a n d    r u n    a n d    r u n ,
                                                                                            but it’s, but it’s  -  

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"I do not come here to share in our grief. Instead I offer you the chance of a far richer sacrament."

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"Don’t be an idiot." Changed my life.

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